Millions of children are injured every year by hazards in the home. Many could have been prevented using simple child safety devices. These are not meant to be a substitute for adult supervision, but when used correctly they can help prevent accidents and injuries to your children.

  1. Safety latches – for cabinets and drawers in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry room, etc… These and other areas may have stored medicines, household cleaners, knives, etc.
  2. Safety gates – to help prevent falls down stairs and also prevent kids from going into unwanted areas. 
  3. Door locks – to help prevent children from going into areas of danger such as chemical storage, sharp objects, garages, workshops, and swimming pools. In swimming pool areas, it is highly recommended having an alarm at these access points as an additional level of security.
  4. Anti-scald devices – for faucets and showers, you can also set your water heater to a temperature of 120 degrees to prevent burns.
  5. Smoke detectors – should be on every level of the home and in every bedroom to alert you of a fire. Battery operated smoke detectors should be checked monthly and replaced at least once per year unless it has a 10-year battery installed. The best smoke detectors to install are wired with battery backup. If one was to go off, all of them would go off and in case of a storm with power outages, the battery backup will kick in.
  6. Corner and edge bumpers – help prevent injuries from falls against sharp edges of furniture, wall corners, and fireplace hearths.
  7. Receptacle or outlet covers – help prevent electrical shock and or electrocution. Make sure protectors cannot be easily removed and large enough so the child cannot choke on them if they should remove them.
  8. Carbon monoxide detector – should be placed outside of the bedrooms to help prevent CO poisoning. Households that have gas or oil heat, gas appliances, and attached garages should all have CO detectors.
  9. Window blind cords – should be cut to prevent strangling in blind cord loops. These would include cords such as the tassels on mini-blinds, tension devices on vertical blinds, and drapery cords. When purchasing, ask about safety features to prevent child strangulation.
  10. Door stops – or door holders to prevent injuries to fingers and hands.

Ultimately, you’re the first line of defense when it comes to your child’s safety. These devices are a secondary line of defense for when you are distracted for a moment. Do your research, there are a number of safety devices available. Find the most effective and affordable device for your household’s habits and lifestyles.