Routine maintenance is an important homeowner responsibility. Why is this important? Neglecting minor tasks and routine repairs can turn into expensive fixes! Along with your regular indoor and outdoor spring cleaning, add these spring maintenance tasks to your checklist.

Spring Outdoor Maintenance

Check for damage to the roof, fascias, window trims, and caulking. Repaint, and or repair as necessary. Take a look at your chimney, if it gets heavy use during the winter months, consider having it cleaned. Look for damage on the home’s siding. Power washing your home will prevent mold growth. This is a great time to assess your deck or patio, look for loose boards, faulty railings, or cracks in cement or bricking and fix any damages. While you’re outside have your sprinkler or irrigation systems serviced, and check your exterior faucets and GFI outlets. Oil and clean your garage door track, clean out dryer vents, and tune up your lawnmower.

Spring Indoor Maintenance

On the inside, check up on your water heater for leaks or rust, test your sump pump battery and backup system, and change your furnace filter.  Get up in the attic and look around for signs of moisture or insects. Dust your light fixtures and ceiling fans, and have your heating ducts cleaned.  Daylight savings time is a great reminder to change the batteries and test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Do some heavy cleaning in your kitchen and bathroom, and while you’re there clear out old medications in the bathroom and old spices in the kitchen.

By taking on these routine tasks once a year in the spring, and then alternating with some different tasks in the fall, you can keep on top of the regular maintenance necessary for any home. Knowing the condition of your home’s systems, you can plan ahead for repairs and replacements. Don’t get caught off guard with unexpected costs!

Spring Maintenance Checklist

Download a PDF version:
Spring Maintenance Checklist